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Welcome to Opal Plus. We have sold over 50,000 opals over the internet. This means you can buy from us with confidence! We are a proud member of various Opal Associations, including Opal Association Incorporated, American Opal Society and Australian Opal and Gem Industry Association Ltd, and have been in the opal industry for more than 12 years. We supply are a range of opals and opal related items, such as the infamous Lightning Ridge Black Opal, as well as boulder, coober pedy and crystal opal varieties.

Buying Opals on The Internet

My company OpalPlus has been selling opals on the internet now for 4 years and our net work has nearly sold 100,000 opals and gems from our sister company Opalauctions.
During this period our growth has been good as we try hard to list image and description as close to possible to actual colour of the opal.


When viewing our opals or any opals on the internet we suggest buyers take note of the following:


OPALS on the internet from Investment opals to bargains on '$1 No Reserve Auctions'.

Opal Auctions over 5,000 black opalsOpal Plus has created to share a common space for opal lovers to buy and sell there opals, gemstones and jewelry. The site now contains over 20,000 items. To visit OpalAuctions, click the image above and have a browse around.

One of the most exciting features is $1 No Reserve auctions EVERY DAY with FREE SHIPPING! The site takes advantage of the global leader in secure money transfers, Paypal™ to provide a secure environment for shoppers.

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If your not happy with your purchase we will simply exchange it! Winning bids are shipped worldwide for only US2.00 per item. (including Australia). Sorry AUSSIES this way our prices remain fair for everyone. Yes we combine, 1st win costs US$2.00 and next 3 wins add US$1.00 each. Total shipping on 4 wins is US$5.00. Optional insurance comes highly recommended and is US$5.90 for the first US$100.00 spent then US$2.00 for each US$100.00 after.

Please browse our opals and gemstones on Opal Auctions.

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